【Gummy × Jelly!?】 Japan's Popular Gummy, Fettuccine, Now Available as Cup Jelly!

Hello, everyone. When you hear Fettuccine...... it reminds you of the popular gummy series in Japan, right? I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic, and we've featured it in an article before, so I'd definitely recommend checking it out.
【SHOCKED】Is Melon-Flavored Ice Cream Soda a Japanese Thing!? A Summer Stable, I’m learning while eating Fettuccine Gummy that recreates the flavor of Melon-Flavored Ice Cream Soda!
Hello, everyone! Fettuccine has a fizzy, carbonated taste with a slightly hard texture that's satisfying to eat! It's pretty delicious, so I often eat Fettuccine too. I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
So, Fettuccine is really popular, but it seems like a slightly different new product has been released! Let's quickly check out what makes this new product delicious!

【Gummy × Jelly!?】 Japan's Popular Gummy, Fettuccine, Now Available as Cup Jelly! Enjoy the Outstanding Chewy Texture in Jelly Form Too, with the Latest Buzzworthy Fettuccine Creation!

Hm? Fettuccine...... jelly?
Yes! That delicious Fettuccine gummy is now newly available as Fettuccine jelly! There are also a few other new releases in the Fettuccine series, so I'll introduce them while explaining!

●Bourbon Fettuccine Jelly - Italian Grape Flavor

Encapsulating the characteristic sharp and sweet-sour taste of Fettuccine, along with a chewy gummy-like jelly! Though it's jelly, it's thrillingly delicious! A new creation that lets you enjoy the bursting flavor of Italian grape!

●Bourbon Fettuccine Jelly - Cola

This one is cola flavored!
A popular flavor among Fettuccine, now recreated in jelly form! It features the fizzy taste of soda, retaining the chewy texture of the gummy, and although it's a jelly, it fully satisfies as a new flavor debut!

●Bourbo Fettuccine Gummy - Mango & Coconut Milk

Adding to the Fettuccine lineup, previously known for its carbonated flavors, comes a gummy with the sweet and sour yet smooth taste of mango × coconut milk! Keeping the satisfying chewiness, it's a delicious new flavor that fills your mouth with the aroma and taste of milk and coconut!
Wow! Amazing! It's jelly, but it's Fettuccine!
Exactly, it contains gummies shaped like Fettuccine. They're designed to be chewy, so even though it's a jiggly jelly, it has the satisfying chewiness and the full charm of Fettuccine's flavor.
Everyone, please, please do! Especially if you've ever eaten Fettuccine before, this is quite a new taste sensation, so definitely check it out! What's this, so curious~!!

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