【Pure Gummy Premium】Sparkling Gummies Shining Like Rubies! A New Addition to the Popular Gummy Series Released! Ruby Grapefruit Sparkling Flavor.

Hello everyone. Speaking of Pure Gummy Premium...... it's a special edition of Pure Gummy with an added touch of luxury! The jelly inside is slightly different from the usual, making it a series known for its deliciousness. I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic, and I love it too.
Hello everyone~! Pure Gummy Premium has this oozy jelly inside that's sparkling, and it's delicious, isn't it? I love the juicy and delicious texture! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
So! It seems that a new flavor of Pure Gummy Premium has been released, so let's check it out immediately! Beautiful like a gem! Here's the new flavor!

【Pure Gummy Premium】 Sparkling Gummies Shining Like Rubies! A New Addition to the Popular Gummy Series Released in March! Pure Gummy Premium - Ruby Grapefruit Sparkling!

“A melt-in-your-mouth, reward in every bite” is the concept! A limited-time flavor packed with the sweet and tart taste of Ruby Grapefruit!

So cute~!! The shape is cute, and it looks like a delicious gummy, doesn't it?
The Pure Gummy series is heart-shaped, with sweet and sour fruit jelly packed inside, making it a delicious and cute gummy series. The outside is coated with sour powder for a crisp texture, while the inside is filled with oozy jelly, offering a variety of textures to enjoy.
Ruby grapefruit, true to its name, is a variety of grapefruit with flesh as red as rubies! It seems to feature a strong sweetness in addition to the moderate tartness typical of traditional grapefruits.
Since it's Premium, the jelly inside is also sparkling! It's the perfect flavor for refreshing, with the added delight of bursting sourness. So, if you're someone who says, 'I want to eat delicious fruit gummies!' be sure to check out this Pure Gummy Premium - Ruby Grapefruit Sparkling!
Pure Gummy Premium - Ruby Grapefruit Sparkling

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