This is Japanese People’s “Go-to-Snack” when “Spring” comes,!!Check out Japanese people’s Spring Snacking Details!

Konnichiwa everyone. It’s getting warm lately and I’m taking longer walks. It’s Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Waahh, everyone help me! I want to store away my winter clothes but I’m making no progress...... It’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic......
It’s finally March, and Japan’s season is shifting from ‘winter’ to ‘spring’~. When the season changes, the snacks change too! Today, let’s see what’s up with seasonal snacks!

This is Japanese People’s “Go-to-Snack” for “Spring”!!Check out Japanese people’s Spring Snacking Scene!

Japanese Spring is a season for “Cherry Blossom Viewing”! Let’s bring delicious snacks to go on a picnic!

A Japanese event...... tradition? Related to Spring and snacks has got to be cherry blossom viewing!
I agree! The cold winter comes to a close, and this is a season where pretty flowers bloom all over Japan! Especially ‘cherry blossom’ which is practically a symbol for spring. Its flower blooms in pink this season and it lights up the scenery so much~!
Yes! This time of the year is when ‘cherry blossom viewing’ and enjoying picnic under cherry blossom trees happen all over Japan! Lunch time is pretty popular because it’s warmer, but there’s also a lot of people who gather in the evenings after work too!

Perfect vibe and compatibility with ‘Cherry Blossom”!
Spring is a season where ‘Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)’ & ‘Japanese Traditional Snacks’ are frequently enjoyed!

And this season in Japan, the ‘Japanese sweets’ that’s a perfect match for the cherry blossom viewing vibe is eaten often!

●Dorayaki (Japanese Red Bean pancake), Mochi, Manjyu!
These are Japan’s Traditional sweets!Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)!!
How come Japanese Sweets get eaten a lot?
I say it but I also don’t really know...... I think there are many reasons, but one is that cherry blossom viewing has been around long before foreign-snacks were brought to Japan, and they already set the ‘Japanese sweets’ as the staple snack to bring to cherry blossom viewing (there are multiple theories). Other than that, there’s also a saying ‘Hana-yori-dango (dango over flowers)’, similar to ‘Bread is better that the songs of birds.’ It means that one likes to eat delicious snacks than to see beautiful flowers. I think that this saying shows how closely snacks (dango = Japanese sweet) are tied to cherry blossom viewing.
Very true! Sayings like that won’t even come up without close relations! Let’s bring Japanese sweets and go view the cherry blossoms soon!
After we finish work.
I’m kidding. I’m sure sakura (cherry blossom) is beautifully in bloom soon, so let’s do an hour-ish of flower viewing with traditional sweets after lunch.

Perfect for bringing to cherry blossom viewing! Here are the recommended wagashi (traditional sweets / snack) categories!

●Small size but cheap and delicious! Best bang traditional snack for your buck, Dagashi!

●Must Buy if alcohol is at the cherry blossom viewing! Otsumami (Finger Food) perfectly pairs with alcohol!

●Inside is filled with yumminess and happiness! The soft texture is the best! Daifuku

●Awesome crunchiness!This is the staple Japanese traditional snack! Senbei (Rice Crackers)!

I hope you can bring Japanese traditional snacks or sweets and go view cherry blossoms too!
Now now, that’s about it for today! See you in the next article~! Bye~!

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