Tomatsu Daifuku Marshmallow - Matcha

Tomatsu Daifuku Marshmallow - Matcha
  • Tomatsu Daifuku Marshmallow - Matcha
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Item Description

title外松 抹茶クリーム大福 88g [半生菓子]
product typeWagashi (Japanese Sweets), Marshmallow, Daifuku, Mochi
release date2018-3-7
descriptionBite-sized Daifuku with a soft and chewy texture! Matcha green tea cream made from Nishio no Matcha, a specialty of Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, is wrapped in Daifuku skin and marshmallows. The moment you bite into it, the subtle bitterness of the matcha cream melds with the sweetness of the marshmallow!

Customer Review

Average 5.0 (1 reviews)
Bite-sized, but tastes absolutely divine.
by Aliah Aug. 18, 2023
I'm not even a matcha fanatic, but these are still on my mind a month later. They had the right amount of chewiness to them, along with the perfect balance of the vanilla marshmallow sweetness & the creaminess of the matcha green tea filling. Wish there were more pieces in the bag (I recall there being about 7).

Overall, I definitely recommend them if you wanna try something new.

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