Kameda Seika Kaki no Tane 71g

Kameda Seika Kaki no Tane 71g
  • Kameda Seika Kaki no Tane 71g
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Item Description

title亀田製菓 亀田の柿の種 71g
manufacturerKameda Seika
product typeSenbei (Rice Crackers), Kaki no Tane
release date2021-6-22
descriptionA small assortment of Kaki no Tane and peanuts! The small size kaki no tane (rice crackers) seasoned with shoyu sauce and the simple salty taste of the peanuts are so irresistible that once you start eating them, you won't be able to stop yourself! They make a great snack to go with your drinks!

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