DIY Candy - Kracie Foods [42g]

DIY Candy - Kracie Foods [42g]
  • DIY Candy - Kracie Foods [42g]
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Item Description

titleクラシエフーズ ねりきゃんワールド 42g
manufacturerKracie Foods
product typeDIY Candy
release date2024-7-1
descriptionCheck out this DIY candy kit that's like playdough! It comes with five types of soft candy that you can mold into all sorts of shapes. Don't worry if you're not a sculpting pro – there's a tray with molds to make it super easy to get the shapes right. Plus, it includes tools like a knife and a rolling pin to help you craft whatever you can imagine. Need some inspiration? There's an idea sheet with themes and examples to spark your creativity. And the best part? After you've made your candy art, you can display it and show it off before you eat it.

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