LOTTE Pie no Mi - Matcha Tiramisu

LOTTE Pie no Mi - Matcha Tiramisu
  • LOTTE Pie no Mi - Matcha Tiramisu
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Item Description

titleロッテ LOTTE パイの実<抹茶ティラミス> 69g
product typeChocolates
brandPie no Mi
flavorTiramisu ,Matcha ,Cheese ,Uji Matcha
release date2023-5-9
descriptionThis is a new confectionery that is reminiscent of matcha tiramisu. For the first time in "Pie no Mi" history, even the pie crust is flavored with matcha green tea, and Uji matcha green tea from Tsujiri Ichi Honten, a long-established store in Kyoto, is used as the ingredient. The pie is sandwiched between mascarpone cheese powder and chocolate made with Uji matcha from Tsujiri Ichi Honten, creating a Japanese taste that brings out the "bittersweet" matcha flavor of the pie.

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