Kasugai The traditional Konpeito - Large size

Kasugai The traditional Konpeito - Large size
  • Kasugai The traditional Konpeito - Large size
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Item Description

title春日井製菓 こんぺいとう 117g
product typeDagashi, Konpeito
release date2020-12-10
descriptionThe sugar candy was introduced from Portugal about 700 years ago and is made in the traditional way. The dough is rolled for days while being heated, and then covered with molasses, which gives it its unique horn-like shape that looks like a star! It's a colorful snack that makes a great photo op! And of course, they taste delicious!

Customer Review

Average 5.0 (1 reviews)
They're all sugar with no additional flavoring
by Julia June 24, 2022
Some konpeito will have slight flavors, but these don't, and they all taste good! My sugar needs have been met. They're also pretty big, so if you want tiny delicate konpeito, you're in the wrong place.

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