Ichiran Instant Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen

Ichiran Instant Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Ichiran Instant Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen
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Item Description

title一蘭 一蘭 とんこつ 1食 [カップ麺 ノンフライ麺]
product typeInstant Noodle, Instant Ramen
flavorTonkotsu (Pork Bone Broth)
release date2021-2-27
descriptionWhen it comes to tonkotsu ramen in Japan, this is the place to be! It's Ichiran, with its main branch in Hakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture! This product is an instant ramen that reproduces the Tonkotsu ramen served at Ichiran! This product is made with only soup and noodles, without any ingredients. You may think it is not worth eating, but the rich flavor of the Tonkotsu soup and the perfect firmness of the noodles make it a very satisfying dish!

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