Koikeya Suppa Mucho Sticks - Ume (Japanese Apricot) 37g

Koikeya Suppa Mucho Sticks - Ume (Japanese Apricot) 37g
  • Koikeya Suppa Mucho Sticks - Ume (Japanese Apricot) 37g
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Item Description

title湖池屋 スリムバッグシリーズ スティック すっぱムーチョ さっぱり梅 37g
product typeSnacks
brandSuppa Mucho
flavorUme (Japanese Apricot)
release date2022-6-6
descriptionSuppa Mucho, with its crunchy texture and the sweet and sour taste of seasoning powder characteristic of pickled plums, is now available in a slim pack for easy portability! The crunchy texture of the long, thinly sliced POTATO SNACK is irresistibly delicious!

Customer Review

Average 5.0 (1 reviews)
Surprisingly Addicting
by Matt March 25, 2023
A flavor combination of sour and salty that I didn't expect to like as much as I did when I discovered them, instant favorite. Kind of reminds me of salt and vinegar chips. Worth giving a try when they're available

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