Calbee Pizza Potato Chips

Calbee Pizza Potato Chips
  • Calbee Pizza Potato Chips
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Item Description

titleCalbee カルビー ピザポテト 60g
product typeSnacks, Potato Chips
brandPizza Potato
release date2022-3-7
descriptionThe crunchy potato chips are covered with a generous amount of melted cheese and pepperoni powder reminiscent of a pepperoni pizza! Here is a one-of-a-kind taste you won't find anywhere else! We hope you enjoy this dreamy combination of pizza and potato chips!

Customer Review

Average 4.3 (3 reviews)
Too cheesy for me
by Sina March 4, 2023
After a few, they were really good.
But the cheesy smell threw me off.
Putting them into a bowl, instead of eating them out of the bag would probably fix that!
Fast, safe shipping
by Ria Oct. 11, 2022
Arrived quickly and the price wasn't bad considering it's an import item!
Also very tasty chips!!!
Cheesy pizza
by Chavi June 2, 2022
Tasted just like pizza! Very impressed best pizza chips I’ve ever had

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