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Discover Authentic Japanese Snacks,
Delivered Right to Your Door.
Japanese Snacks Republic sends you authentic Japanese snacks directly from Japan. Enjoy seasonal limited-edition snacks or the ones which you’ll never find even in any overseas supermarkets. You’ll feel as if you’re in Japan while shopping! You’ll love it!
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Mon.-Fri. 11:00-17:00 JST,except Japanese holidays.
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Favorite Snacks
Ichigo Pocky
KitKat Matcha
Choco Ball
Favorite Snacks
Shingo (Manager)
Pride Potato
Kabukiage - Mayonnaise with Mentaiko
Kyabetsu Tarō
Choco Pie
Koikeya Potato Chips
Meiji Milk Chocolate
Jagariko Wasabi

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