【SHOCKED】Is Melon-Flavored Ice Cream Soda a Japanese Thing!? A Summer Stable, I’m learning while eating Fettuccine Gummy that recreates the flavor of Melon-Flavored Ice Cream Soda!

Konichiwa everyone. This is Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic. A Pop Quiz!
What is the name of this beverage that’s a stable go-to in Japan?
Hi everyone~! This is Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic~! ......? ......That’s Melon icecream Soda, right?? It’s a classic summer beverage, and recently it’s regaining its popularity as a drink that looks perfect on social media~!!
Yes! That’s correct! ......But apparently in other countries, ice cream sodas, are typically not green.

【SHOCKED】 Is it only in Japan that (Melon-Flavored) Ice Cream Sodas are Green!? I’m learning while eating Fettuccine Gummy that recreates the flavor of Summer Favorite Melon-Flavored Ice Cream Soda!

The Japanese ice cream soda?

When one thinks of ice cream soda in Japan, it’s typically associated with melon flavor.
Touch of melon flavor is added to a refreshing carbonated soda, and then topped off with ice cream and a decorating cherry—that’s the common version. It became popular in Japan about 100 years ago, and it’s recently getting attention again as a beverage with a “retro” feel.
Yes, in Japan, Ice cream soda automatically means melon-flavor. Of course, there are other flavors, but the consensus is that...... those are more like extra additions to the melon-flavor. But really, is foreign ice cream sodas seriously not melon-flavored?
apparently not......, let’s see.

Ice Cream Soda Outside of Japan?

Ice cream sodas abroad typically refers to “carbonated drink that tastes like cream (cream flavored soda)” or “A drink with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of soda, like coke or root beer.” Like Japan, a carbonated drink is topped with vanilla ice cream. But often, it’s not melon flavored.
Wow~~! So how did Japan come about the ice cream soda image of a melon-flavored soda drink that’s topped off with vanilla ice cream and cherry?
Well, there’s a theory that when ice cream soda first became popular in Japan (it originally came from US as a popular drink), melon at the time was an expensive commodity. So, by flavoring the soda like melon, they began to advertise the ice cream soda as “a modern and affordable drink to taste melon.
I see! And that legacy is still being continued today! ......Okay, so for non-Japanese people, this melon-flavored ice cream soda is rather a foreign beverage, huh.
Yup, and so today, I’d like to introduce to you the perfect summer snack that makes you feel as if you’re tasting the Japanese melon ice cream soda!
Oh!! What a great idea!!!

And so I tried eating Fettuccine Gummy – Melon Soda Flavor which promises the delicious experience of Melon Ice Cream Soda!

  • The moment the bag opens, the melon smells so appetizing! Carbonated and refreshing like drinking a melon ice cream soda, this popular gummy series recreate the perfect melon flavor!
  • Upon chewing, gummy will fill your mouth with the fizziness of melon-ice cream soda, along with melon’s smell and sweetness! The gummy’s well-flavored, so the flavor, especially the bubbliness, is long lasting even after many chews!
  • This snack is a match made in heaven of Fettuccine Gummy Serie’s firm chewy gummies and its flavor that gets better as you chew! I would call it “THE snack that expresses the Japanese melon flavored ice cream soda through gummies,” and it’s not an overstatement! The melon flavor is very strong, so I recommend it to all the melon-lovers out there!
Whoa~!! Fizz Fizz yumm yumm! I like this melon smell~~! I honestly feel like I’m tasting Melon flavored Ice Cream Soda!
You’re right! The melon flavor is strong, but it’s also good for its strong soda flavor. It really is like melon flavored ice cream soda.

Japan’s favorite Gummy Series- Fettuccine Gummy Series is featured HERE!

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Fettuccine Gummy
Everyone! Please give this Fettuccine Gummy- Melon Soda Flavor a try and experience Japan’s melon flavored ice cream soda! And if you ever get a chance to come to Japan, try the melon-flavored ice cream soda beverage!

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All righty, up to here for now! Let’s meet again in the next article!
See you~~!

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