【Cough Drop】Which One Is the Most Popular Cough Drop in Your Country? Here in Japan? This Is It! Ryukakusan Cough Drop!

Hello, everyone! We’ll be sharing with you a healthy ‘snack’! I’m Japanese Snacks Republic’s Boss!
Healthy snack?
We do have such snacks in Japan. For instance...... Chocolate bars full of polyphenol? It’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
You can choose one by the ratio of concentration of polyphenol!
Chocolate Kouka
Right! This series is so delicious! (I love 72% one best)
But today, we’ll be sharing a simpler snack! What would you do when your throat sores? Japanese people usually have this ‘snack’ to heal it!

【Cough Drop】
Which One Is the Most Popular Cough Drop in Your Country?
Here in Japan? This Is It! Ryukakusan Cough Drop!

Is cough drop classified as a snack, though?
It’s a candy, so it’s a snack.
That’s for sure.

What Is “龍角散(Ryukakusan)”?

龍角散(Ryukakusan) is one of the cough drops developed by Ryukakusan Company, Limited.
The power version was first made around 1890, then various other types of products such as cough drops, lozenge, tablet and jelly, have been released.
Ryukakusan Cough Drop is one of the most famous products among these series, where many Japanese people “have one when our throat sores.” Not only is it effective to relieve your sore throat but it also has herbal extracts to control the inflammation with a refreshing and modest sweet flavor so it’s easier to taste.

What Does Ryukakusan Cough Drop Taste Like?

  • One of the traditional cough drops by the maker who exclusively develops the products to relieve sore throat!
  • It has refreshing and modest sweet flavor just like xylitol gum! It’s more refreshing!
  • It has various ingredients to relieve sore throat with a little bitter herbal flavor.
  • It’s “good for your health-like flavor”!

What Are Other Cough Drops Overseas Like?

Ryukakusan Cough Drop! It’s totally different from the ones we’ve been sharing in this article, huh? But it’s one of the snacks!
Right. This Ryukakusan Cough Drop is known as one of the major cough drops in Japan!
What kind of cough drops are being sold overseas?
In Japan, cough drops with medicine-like refreshing flavor with herbal extract are popular, I guess. In overseas, (according to my research) the ones with fruits or honey flavors seem so popular!
Right. We have a honey-flavor cough drop in Japan too! And it tastes good too!
Here’s the lineup of Japanese cough drops! Check it from a Cough Drop Page!
Well, Ryukakusan Cough Drop has a healthy image since it actually has a bitter taste like medicine with herbal smell. I should say it’s one of the ‘excellent cough drops’?
Right! So, you guys! It might be a little like medicine but it’s so effective! Try a No.1 cough drop for sore throat in Japan, Ryukakusan Cough Drop!!
Ryukakusan (Maker)
Already now! This is all for today! I’ll see you all in the next article!
Bye now~!

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