【Shijimi Clam】The Best Food to Eat for “Hangover” in Japan! What Does Healthy Shijimi Clam Miso Soup Taste Like?

Hello, everyone. My favorite clam dish is gilled scallop. It’s best with beer. I’m Japanese Snacks Republic’s Boss!
Hello, everyone~! My favorite clam dish is clam chowder! I love to eat it with crackers in it! It’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
So, you guys! What kind of clam dish do you think of?
In today’s article, we’ll be sharing one of the very popular ‘clam dishes’ in Japan! This has been one of the most popular dishes when we have ‘hangover’!

【Shijimi Clam】
The Best Food to Eat for “Hangover” in Japan!
What Does Healthy Shijimi Clam Miso Soup Taste Like?

Shijimi Miso Soup works for “hangover”?

Speaking of miso soup, it’s one of the traditional soups in Japan with various ingredients, huh?
【Miso】Long-Time Favorite Flavor in Japan, along with Soy Sauce! Let’s Enjoy Miso Flavor with Instant Noodle or Instant Soup!
And this shijimi is one of the most popular ingredients that we put in miso soup! It’s not only delicious but it also works for ‘hangover’, right?
But I wonder if it really works for ‘hangover’......
Let me get straight to the point. It’s not as effective as the painkiller. It does work but it mostly gives us nutrition and makes our body warm.
While each piece of shijimi is small, it’s rich in amino acid such as Methionine, cystine, cysteine, and taurine. It also contains vitamin B2, which helps weakened liver function better. Mixed with miso that contains Isoflavones, saponins, lecithin and lactic acid bacteria, it makes up for nutrition and warms up our body.
Mmm...... it’s little hard to understand but my interpretation is that we can become healthy with abundant nutrition in warm soup, is that right?

What Does Shijimi Miso Soup Taste Like?

  • It’s healthy and warm soup with abundant nutrition that also works well for hangover!
  • Mixed with miso’s saltiness, the extract of clam is perfectly melted together, which adds up more “richness” and “deepness” compared to miso soup with other ingredients!
  • Since we taste strong umami from shijimi, adjust the amount of hot water and find your favorite taste!
How can I express...... I feel ‘sharp-tasting’ from shijimi miso soup......
It’s hard to express but...... I taste strong ‘extract’ from it, compared to other ingredients that are in miso soup, such as seaweed, tofu and vegetables. I taste totally different ‘umami’, ‘richness’ or ‘deepness’......
Oh, yeah~! I understand what you mean. This kind of clam such as shijimi and asari adds special flavors to miso soup! It might be ‘sharp-tasting’ that you expressed! It could be special ‘umami’ that is unique to seafood. This is the secret of deliciousness, huh?
So, you guys! Why don’t you try this shijimi clam miso soup? Enjoy deliciousness and stay healthy at the same time!
It’s easy to make just by pouring hot water, so you can enjoy it as your breakfast or as a little snack before you go to bed!
Shijimi Clam (× Miso Soup)
Alright now! This is all for today! We’ll see you all in the next article!
Bye now~!

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