【Choco Mamire】You’ll Be Addicted to Choco. Chocolate Cookies Coated by Chocolate. Choco Mamire Was Made for Chocolate Lovers.

Hello, YOU.
You can no longer get away from chocolate!!!
What are you talking about......

【Choco Mamire】
You’ll Be Addicted to Choco.
Chocolate Cookies Coated by Chocolate.
Choco Mamire Was Made for Chocolate Lovers.

Hello, again. I’m crazy about chocolate. It’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello, everyone, I like chocolate but not as much as you do. I’m Japanese Snacks Republic’s Boss.
Here’s what!! I want all the chocolate lovers in the world to try! It’s made in Japan! But why on earth did they develop this kind of snack? That’s how incredible this snack is!
The concept of this snack is incredible but on top of that, it’s so delicious......!

What Is Country Ma'am Choco Mamire?

Country Ma'am Choco Mamire is one of the series of Country Ma’am, which is specialized with chocolate.
Speaking of Country Ma'am, the cookie inside is so moist and so tasty, and everybody in Japan loves it. (We’ll feature it in the upcoming article too!)”
Country Ma'am Choco Mamire is a cookie snack, full of chocolates, with cocoa-flavored cookie dough with chocolate chips inside, coated by milk chocolate.

You’ll See It When You Actually Taste It!?

So, Boss! Please have some now.
Ahh...... I’ve had it before and thought it was so good so...... why do I have to eat it now......
~ Boss is currently eating it ~
How is it?
Yeah~...... Once again, it’s so dense.
Oh, you talk about how dense it is, huh?
Well, as soon as I have a bite, I taste totally different kinds of chocolate’s deliciousness: the cookie dough’s chocolate, chocolate chips and the coating chocolate. But surprisingly, they are all well-harmonized. It’s as if one thick wall is right in front of me. It’s incredible how dense the chocolate was when I had a first bite.
I understand! The chocolate spreads out in our mouth, huh? This is amazing!! You see from the picture it’s specialized with chocolate but when you actually taste it, our expectation is beyond the imagination......!!

What Does Choco Mamire Taste Like?

  • The chocolate-flavored cookie dough is moist and soft.
  • The dough is coated by rich milk chocolate.
  • You taste crispy texture from chocolate chips inside of the cookies.
  • Conclusion→You Taste 100% Chocolate No Matter Where You Bite. Full of Chocolates.
Maybe we get tired of it if we eat it every day but we definitely feel like eating it once every two weeks, I guess.
I understand. It’s so rich that we can’t eat it every day, huh? But we want to feel this special density once in a while~!!!
So, you guys!! Give it a try, especially for those who haven’t had chocolate lately! You’ll be surprised how dense the chocolate is!!! You’ll see!!!
Fujiya Country Ma'am Choco-Covered Cookies
Already now! This is all for today! We’ll see you all in the next article!
Bye now~!

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