【Idea Package】Catchy and Irresistible! Two New Gummy Varieties with Retro Japanese Appeal in New Packaging!

Hello everyone. When I buy snacks I'm unfamiliar with, I often decide based on the packaging. I think packaging is crucial. I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello everyone! In the snack industry, there are now companies specializing in designing packaging that makes you want to eat the delicious snacks inside. Let's check it out!

[Idea Package] Catchy and Irresistible! Two New Gummy Varieties with Retro Japanese Appeal in New Packaging!

Adding ideas to deliciousness!
A company has emerged to handle the packaging design, making the snacks they've developed more attractive and easier to understand. That's Idea Package!

Wow! So they are a company that handles the packaging design for snacks and such.
Exactly! They have multiple detailed meetings with the snack developers to fully understand the appeal of the snacks before designing the packaging. It's a wonderful strategy that makes both the selling manufacturers and us, the consumers, happy!

● Reproducing the rich, slightly retro hard pudding that was all the rage in the Showa era!
Idea Package Japanese Retro Caffe Gummy - Pudding A La Mode


● A hot topic collaboration with a popular juice!
A lassi-flavored gummy sweetly blending yogurt and mango!
Idea Package Mango Lassi Gummy

Oh, they certainly look delicious! The packaging alone gives you a good idea of the taste, and with the actual gummy photos, you can see the shape too. It's great that all the decision-making materials are stylishly scattered around.
Indeed! It's nice that the packaging is stylish and has information and design that makes you want to eat it! When you try a snack you've never had before, which part of the packaging do you decide on? Check out where the appeal lies in your favorite snack packaging!

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