【GINZARUSK】The Theme is Luxury and Style! The Popular GINZARUSK Series Offers a Delightful Texture and Taste that Spreads in Your Mouth!

Hello everyone! This is Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Today, I’m introducing a product that stands out for its luxury and style! It's also convenient to carry, so you can refresh yourself anywhere! Let’s check out this popular rusk series that offers a combination of ease and richness!

【RUSK】 The theme is luxury and style! The popular GINZARUSK series offers a delightful texture and taste that spreads in your mouth! Convenient, bite-sized portions are easy to carry!

The luxurious taste of chocolate and milk that bursts when you bite!

Since it’s a rusk, it doesn’t melt, making it easy to carry, yet it’s delicious and fulfilling!

Hello everyone. For some reason, Ginza has grown into a fierce battleground for rusk snacks, even though there’s no particular reason why. Born in such a competitive environment, the GINZARUSK I’m introducing today incorporates the best features of delicious rusks. When you visit Ginza, be sure to buy some rusks as souvenirs. This is Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.

● Using the most delicious milk from Hokkaido, Japan! Another attractive point is that it contains probiotics, which are good for health! Ginbis GINZARUSK - Fascinating White


● Using cocoa powder from Ghana for both the inner and outer layers of chocolate! This product emphasizes the rich, full-bodied chocolate that bursts when you bite into it! Ginbis GINZARUSK - Temptation Chocolate

The focus on high-quality ingredients gives it a luxurious feel, yet it’s easy to carry thanks to the zipper packaging. And since it’s a rusk (as opposed to just chocolate), it’s less likely to melt, which is another plus. During this hot season in Japan, putting chocolate in your bag can lead to disaster, so this rusk, which allows you to enjoy delicious chocolate, is naturally gaining attention!
Well, Japan is getting hotter, so chocolate snacks that are less likely to melt are attracting attention, but even without that factor, the most attractive point is that they are delicious! If they weren’t tasty, they wouldn’t be talked about at all. So everyone, if you want to try delicious rusks, be sure to check them out!
Ginza Rusk

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