【Fettuccine Gummy】For Japanese people, gummy is a snack for adults!? Gummy evolved into a snack for work place as “Business food”! Introducing yummy Fettuccine Gummy!

Hi everyone! Speaking of gummy, I haven’t eaten it for a while. I probably last ate it when I was still in school. It’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!!
Hello, everyone! Speaking of gummy, I started eating it a lot after I became an adult. It’s Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Wow! You have been eating gummy after becoming an adult?
Yup! Because gummy has been changing dramatically these days. It became much tastier than it used to be. Now adults eat gummy while they work! It is called “Business food!”

【Fettuccine Gummy】
For Japanese people, gummy is a snack for adults!?
Gummy evolved into a snack for work place as “Business food!”
Introducing yummy Fettuccine Gummy!

Today, I want to introduce my favorite gummy called Fettuccine Gummy! I will explain the evolution of gummy snacks in Japan!

What is Fettuccine Gummy?

Fettuccine Gummy was developed by a snack company, BOURBON CORPORATION.
The various fruit flavors are released in the same series. It has good size, chewy texture, and is coated by sour powder. It contains vitamin C and fibers as a healthy snack.
The name, Fettuccine, came from the thin flat fettuccine pasta. The chewy texture is similar to slightly undercooked pasta (al dente). The gummy was focused on the taste and chewy texture when it was developed.

Gummy is not only for kids!?
It is an adult snack while they work as “Business food”!

What does “Business food” mean?
It is a newly coined word. It means snacks that are perfect to eat while you work.
What kind of snacks do you eat while you work?
Hmmm...... Usually I do not eat snacks while I work because I use my computer all the time. I don’t want my hands (and keyboard) to be dirty. If I eat something in the office, I would probably choose snacks that I can eat quietly.
Yes! That is the perfect answer as a Japanese!!
We prefer snacks that ......
  • are not messy to eat because we do not get our hands and computer dirty.
  • we can eat quietly without crunchy sounds so we don’t bother others.
  • come in small size so we can eat it all at once.
I think that snacks we want to eat while we work at the office require 3 conditions above!
So, the gummy can meet the conditions and can be the perfect snack to eat in the office! This is the reason why gummy has been evolving as an adults’ snack nowadays!
But, I think the powder around the gummy makes our hands dirty. What do you think?
It is actually not too bad. It is not sticky or anything. If you do not like the powder around gummies, you can choose the individual packaged gummy!
Wow, I see. I have noticed that gummies are nutritious these days. Many of them contain vitamin C, fibers and so on. There are various unique shapes and they are easy to try.
Yup, yup! So many adults eat gummies while they work. Many snack makers are making effort to create new gummies for both adults and children! They are tastier and healthier than they used to be!

Taste of Fettuccine Gummy!

  • Good size and chewy texture. Also there are various fruits tastes.
  • Vitamin C and fibers. Healthy nutrition is added!
  • Coated by sour powder to add more fun tasty accent!
Fettuccine Gummy is highly recommended by me! This is my favorite gummy for sure! It is easy to eat and has a great chewy texture! Please try while you work or study at school! It will change your mood in a good way!
Fettuccine Gummy
Okay, that is all for today! We will see you in the next article!!
Bye for now!!

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