【Snacks for Drinking】Beloved by Japanese Sake Lovers! Must-Try Bean Snacks Perfect for Alcohol from the Classic Brand Denroku!

Hello everyone, I’m the type who wants a snack with my drinks. This is Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello everyone~! It’s a common craving, right? You don’t want a lot, just something tasty to nibble on with your drinks. Today, I’ll introduce you to a snack series that PERFECTLY fulfills that wish! This is Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!

【Snacks for Drinking】Beloved by Japanese Sake Lovers! Must-Try Bean Snacks Perfect for Alcohol from the Classic Brand Denroku!

Spicy! Salty! Sweet! These popular bean snacks come in small, easy-to-eat pieces with flavors that perfectly complement alcohol! Check out Denroku’s popular snacks that sake lovers must try!

Oh~!! Denroku! I know them! They have snacks in various flavors, and I love their salty ones! The soy sauce flavor goes perfectly with alcohol! The packaging is also divided into small portions, making it easy to store and carry over to the next time you eat. That’s one reason I choose them.
Exactly! Denroku has been releasing a series of bean-shaped snacks in various flavors. They’re small, easy to eat, crunchy, and delicious! They go perfectly with alcohol!

For example! Here are some of Denroku’s signature snacks!

Batapi (Buttered Peanuts)
Made with carefully selected peanuts, crispy and savory Buttered Peanuts!


Peakaki (Kaki no Tane & Peanuts)
A combination of spicy rice crackers and buttered peanuts. Recommended for those who love buttered peanuts with a generous mix.


Aji no Kodawari
Eight kinds of snacks packed with the flavors of small fish, shrimp, squid, and other seafood. A luxurious snack made with carefully selected ingredients.


Explosive deliciousness with a simple but addictive taste. Lightly salted for a perfect snack.


Umi-aji Sen
Enjoy four kinds of beans made with carefully selected seafood: squid beans, shrimp beans, crab beans, and bonito beans.


Almond & Fish
A combination of crispy small fish and fragrant almonds. Low-carb, satisfying, and guilt-free.

By the way, do you have any recommendations, Boss?
This! Umi-aji Sen! These small senbei-shaped bean snacks have a soy sauce-based fish flavor and are delicious! Among salty drinking snacks, they rank at the top for taste and convenience. When you feel like having a snack with your drink, these are a satisfying and tasty choice!
They really look like THE perfect drinking snacks!! Everyone, please try Denroku’s snacks, which are a staple and classic among Japanese alcohol lovers!

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