Recommended During Diet! 8 Guilt-Free Snacks

Hello! Thank you for visiting the blog. Recently, when I go to the supermarket, it seems that there are more low-calorie and healthy products.
Hello~! I've been eating too much lately, so I'm currently on a diet...... but I want something sweet to take a break! I want to satisfy my small hunger! So, I looked into popular healthy snacks available in Japan!

Bourbon - Carb Balance Low Carb Baked Cheesecake
A baked cheesecake that balances “deliciousness” and “carbohydrates.” High-calorie Western sweets are something you want to avoid while dieting, but with this product, you can enjoy the rich taste of cheesecake with low carbohydrates per piece.

Narisup - Guupita Low Carb Soy Milk Okara Cookies
Sugar-free & carb-free soy milk okara biscuits. They come in a variety of flavors like plain, chocolate, matcha, and Earl Grey. There are also moist types available, so you can choose according to your mood.

Guupita - Low Carb Moist Cookies - Chocolate Banane

Lotte - Zero Sugar Free Biscuits Chocolate
From the popular Lotte “Zero” series, here is a new biscuit product. These biscuits have a crisp texture and are sugar-free and carbohydrate-free. They are delicious, satisfying, and rich in dietary fiber.

Kanro POCKET - Putipori Natto Snack – Soysauce
A snack recommended for those who love natto. It tastes just like natto but without the smell. It's also recommended as a topping for something, like a seasoning.

Otsuka Seiyaku - Soy Cookies Soyjoy Plant Based – Banana
From the “SOYJOY”series, here is the banana flavor from the “Plant-Based” series made with all plant-based ingredients. The rich aroma of ripe bananas, crispy texture, and cinnamon will make you addicted. SOYJOY has a wide variety of flavors among healthy snacks, so please compare them and find your favorite one.

Asuzac Foods - Camu Kon Dried Konjac Snacks - Scallop flavor
New texture! A chewy konjac snack. With only 34kcal per bag, it's low in calories, which is a nice point. It's recommended to enjoy it with alcohol or your favorite drink.

Glico SUNAO Cookies - Butter
Rich butter flavor and a light, crispy texture. Made with soy milk and wheat germ, and also packed with dietary fiber. These are biscuits you can eat honestly when you feel like it. (an open mind = sunao “素直” in Japanese)

Denroku - Almond & Fish Snacks
A popular product from Denroku. A snack that combines crispy small fish and fragrant almonds. It's low in carbohydrates, so you can feel satisfied without guilt.
These are the 8 snacks I introduced. My personal favorites are Soyjoy and Almond Fish. Soyjoy is easy to eat in stick form, and the sweet and salty flavor of Almond Fish is addictive. They are small, making them convenient to carry around.
Recently, low-calorie instant ramen has also become popular! My favorite is the Cup Noodle PRO series. If something catches your eye, definitely give it a try!
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