【Tiramisu & Pudding】Two Delicious Limited-time Offerings from LOTTE! Enjoy Rich Tiramisu flavor and Sweet Pudding flavor!

Hello everyone~. It seems that two delicious and rich new items have been added to Japan's classic snack series! I'm curious about the new Toppo! I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello everyone! I love pudding! So I'm interested in the new Pie no Mi! I've heard it's quite tasty from the preliminary reviews, so I want to check it out right away! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!

【Tiramisu & Pudding】 Two delicious limited-time offerings from LOTTE! Enjoy rich tiramisu flavor and sweet pudding flavor! New Pie no Mi & Toppo releases!

A perfect recreation of two sweets flavors that caused a huge boom in Japan! Are you a pudding person, or a tiramisu one? Which flavor intrigues you more?

● The bitter caramel sauce is the key to its deliciousness! The crispy pie crust texture is highly acclaimed! LOTTE Pie no Mi - Custard Pudding Flavor


● Rich tiramisu-flavored chocolate and coffee taste blend together in the stick! LOTTE Toppo Tiramisu!

New flavors have been released for Pie no Mi and Toppo, which are popular in Japan. Both look delicious......
It seems that both have very tasty flavors added to the chocolate inside the sweets! Whether it tastes like pudding when you bite into it, or like tiramisu. Enjoying the crispy pie crust or the crunchy, pleasant stick biscuit...... it's hard to decide!!
Which flavor or type of snack are you guys interested in reading this? Definitely check them out!

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