【Choco Mint】Seasonal! A Gift for All Choco Mint Lovers, New Pocky Choco Mint is Here!

Hello everyone, good news for chocolate mint lovers around the world! A limited-time chocolate mint flavor has been added to that popular snack series! Let's check it out right away! I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello everyone~! It's the season in Japan when the temperature gradually rises, and sweets that give a refreshing feel become popular! The snack I'm going to introduce this time will surely be the same! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic~!

[Choco Mint] Seasonal! A gift for all Choco Mint lovers, new Pocky Choco Mint is here!

Like a forest bath!?
A product for mint lovers with the scent, taste, and refreshing feel of mint!

It's amazing how the packaging says 'Feels like a forest bath' to promote the flavor of the snack.
Yes, that's true! But that's what makes chocolate mint so great, it makes you feel delicious! It has debuted as a new seasonal flavor of Pocky, and even the color of the stick cookies inside is different from the regular version!
Ah...... this is...... 'tasty'.
Not delicious?
Yes, the mint is not too strong, and the flavor and scent spread just when you think it's delicious. First, the sweetness of the chocolate spreads deliciously, then the mint expands elegantly! Of course, it's delicious! The flavor balance of this chocolate mint is very good!
Ah, that's true! I usually find strong chocolate mint snacks a bit too much, but this is definitely delicious! The chocolate mint flavor that subtly enhances the aftertaste just when it tastes good is great~!
Exactly! So, this time, I would recommend it not only to those who love chocolate mint but also to those who are trying it for the first time! Everyone, please try the new Pocky!
Glico Pocky Biscuit Sticks - Choco Mint

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