【Ice-Shaped Chocolate】The Best Way to Enjoy it is By Biting into it! The Ice-Shaped Chocolate, "Giant Caplico", now comes in Chocolate Banana flavor!

Hello everyone, today's treat may look like ice cream, but it's actually chocolate! It's delicious when bitten into, and I personally love eating it chilled. I'm the Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello everyone~! I really like this snack! It has a unique texture, and when you bite into it, your mouth fills with chocolate which is incredibly tasty!” I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!

【Ice-Shaped Chocolate】 The best way to enjoy it is by biting into it! The ice-shaped chocolate, Giant Caplico, now comes in a limited edition, quintessential chocolate banana flavor!

Released by Japanese confectionery maker Glico, the ice cream Giant Cone!...... is the motif for Glico's popular chocolate snack series, Giant Caplico!

To put it simply, what is this Giant Caplico snack that we're introducing this time?
Exactly! It's a chocolate shaped like ice cream!
It's shaped like ice cream, but the inside features a fluffy texture characteristic of chocolate! It's an air-in chocolate, where air is beautifully woven into the chocolate, making it easy to bite into and letting the sweetness and flavor of the chocolate spread in your mouth! The cone part uses real corn, just like in ice cream, making it easy to carry, and it's filled with plenty of chocolate right to the end!
I like to eat it a bit frozen. This time, such a Giant Caplico has been released in a limited edition chocolate banana flavor.
Yes! The outside is a fluffy sweet banana-flavored air-in chocolate, and the core part is a rich milk chocolate air-in chocolate! You bite into it with the cone part! The texture is soft and crispy, fluffy and delicious!
This Giant Caplico is quite popular in Japan, especially with small children. Everyone, please check out this newly released Giant Caplico in chocolate banana flavor!
Glico Giant Caplico Chocolate Banana

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