【Milk Cake】Crispy Texture! A Hard-Baked Milk Cake Rich in Calcium, now Infused with Premium Matcha! Introducing the Uji Matcha flavor to Japan's famous Oshidori Milk Cake!

Hello everyone. When you mention Oshidori Milk Cake...... it’s a regional specialty of Japan. Made with plenty of delicious and fresh milk from Yamagata Prefecture, this hard-baked milk cake is packed with calcium and nutrients. I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic, and I often buy it as a souvenir.
Hello everyone~! When you hear 'milk cake', you might think of a fluffy texture. But the Oshidori Milk Cake we're introducing this time lets you enjoy even the crunchy sound of chewing; it's a bit different from usual! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic, and sometimes I receive Oshidori Milk Cake as a souvenir from Boss!

【Milk Cake】 Crispy Texture! A hard-baked milk cake rich in calcium, now infused with premium matcha! Introducing the Uji Matcha flavor to Japan's famous Oshidori Milk Cake!

Oshidori Milk Cake not only tastes great with its gentle milk flavor, but above all, its texture is distinctive!
Yes. Many people think of a fluffy sponge cake when they hear 'milk cake', but the characteristic of this Oshidori Milk Cake is its slightly harder baked stick type! It's packed with the nutrients of milk and offers a crunchy texture that makes it easy to eat for everyone from small children to the elderly, letting you fully enjoy the taste of fresh milk.
And now, I'm introducing the new flavor of this Oshidori Milk Cake - Oshidori Milk Cake - Uji Matcha!
Exactly, there has been a matcha flavor of Oshidori Milk Cake before, but now they have released a premium matcha version - Uji Matcha - which emphasizes a deeper matcha flavor and harmony with milk.
Delicious~!! The texture of Oshidori Milk Cake is really good! It's not too hard, nor too soft! I think it embodies the concept of 'edible milk' very well!
So this time, for those who like matcha flavor! If you want to taste a local specialty from Yamagata Prefecture in northern Japan! I recommend it. Please check out the newly introduced Oshidori Milk Cake - Uji Matcha flavor!
Oshidori Milk Cake - Uji Matcha

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