【Acecook Local】Introducing 7 Tasty Varieties of Acecook Local Instant Ramen with Delicious Soup and Noodles!

Hello everyone! When you think of delicious ramen spots, Hokkaido comes to mind! Miso ramen made exclusively with plentiful mountain and sea delicacies—best enjoyed in the cold! I'm Boss from the Ramen-loving Japanese Snacks Republic!
Hello everyone! Speaking of delicious ramen destinations, it's Hakata!! Hakata's tonkotsu ramen with its rich soup is super tasty! I'm Saori from the Ramen-loving Japanese Snacks Republic!
Exactly! There are many delicious ramen spots across Japan, but they are generally far away! To soothe the lament of ramen lovers, this new series of instant ramen has been introduced!

【Acecook Local】Delicious Local Ramen Made Instant! Introducing 7 Varieties of Acecook Local Instant Ramen with Tasty Soup and Noodles!

●Rich Miso Soup from Sapporo's Great Northern Land! Acecook Local Instant Ramen “Sapporo” Rich Miso Ramen


●Thick Tonkotsu Soup Enriched with Flavorful Vegetables and Thick Noodles! Acecook Local Instant Ramen “Yokohama” Tonkotsu Soysauce Ramen


●A Masterpiece of Seafood Flavors Melted into a Rich Salt Soup! Acecook Local Instant Ramen “Hakodate” Shio Ramen


●Experience Unmatched Richness with Added Back Fat! Acecook Local Instant Ramen “Hakata” Tonkotsu Ramen


●If You Crave a Rich Soy Sauce Flavor, This Is It! Acecook Local Instant Ramen “Kyoto” Back Fat Soy Sauce Ramen


●Rich Miso with a Zesty Spice Kick! Acecook Local Instant Ramen “Sendai” Spicy Miso Ramen


●Delicious Soup with a Punch of Garlic and Pepper! Acecook Local Instant Ramen “Wakayama” Pork Soy Sauce Ramen

Wow! It's not just the flavors Boss likes, there are so many other delicious-looking instant ramens too!
The theme is truly 'Taste the journey!' The concept is to easily enjoy the famous local ramens from delicious spots across Japan, with seven particularly famous types being launched this time!
Seven kinds means there's one for each day of the week! You can have a different one every day!
I want you to try other kinds of ramen too, but with this much variety, I hope you'll buy all seven and compare them! Which local ramen flavor caught your eye? Be sure to check them out and give them a try!

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