【Choco Pie×Strawberry】Full of Strawberries Inside and Out! A Limited-time New Flavor, Luxurious Amaou Strawberry Choco Pie!

Hello, everyone. The strawberry season is from March to April. But I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic, moved by how the spread of greenhouses allows us to enjoy delicious strawberries from late December.
Hello, everyone~! It's wonderful to be able to eat deliciously even out of season! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
So, this time! We want to introduce a new flavor of Choco Pie Premium, generously using those strawberries that will become even more delicious from now on!

【Choco Pie×Strawberry】Full of strawberries inside and out! A limited-time new flavor of Choco Pie! Choco Pie Premium Luxurious Amaou Strawberry has arrived!


What is Choco Pie?
⇒Chocolate-coated on the outside! Moist cream and fluffy cake inside! A classic chocolate series popular not only in Japan but around the world!

Speaking of Choco Pie...... To me, it's synonymous with a reward, a luxurious treat for special occasions.
That's right, they're a bit larger and above all delicious, and the packaging is also large, which gives a luxurious feeling, so I love them too. It seems that a special flavor, which is only released in the winter season, has made a comeback for Choco Pie, so let's check it out right away!

Inside and out, covered in strawberries! A limited-time flavor using plenty of luxurious Amaou Strawberries, irresistible for strawberry lovers, has arrived!

It seems that the LOTTE Choco Pie series releases a super luxurious new flavor that uses plenty of strawberries around this time!
So, winter is an irresistible season for lovers of Choco Pie and strawberries. This LOTTE Choco Pie Premium Luxurious Amaou Strawberry, with strawberries in the chocolate coating, the sponge, the cream inside, and even in the accent sauce that's not usually included, offers a luxurious design where you can enjoy the deliciousness of strawberries no matter where you bite.
Moreover! The strawberries used are the famous Amaou variety, representing Japanese strawberries! Amaou is known for its vivid red color, plump shape, large size, and a good balance of sweetness and acidity, making it a versatile strawberry used in both sweets and as a culinary accent! The balance of its unique tartness and sweetness when bitten into offers a fresh taste experience!
So! If you love strawberries, please try this LOTTE Choco Pie Premium Luxurious Amaou Strawberry! It's incredibly delicious, and the balance of sweetness and tartness is perfectly blended, making it a talked-about creation that I think will highly satisfy you!
LOTTE Choco Pie Premium Luxurious Amaou Strawberry

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