【Gummy × Texture!?】Unique Texture is the Talk of the Town!? Introducing Three Popular Gummies with Unusual Chewiness, Delicious with Too Much Character!

Hello everyone. When it comes to the texture of gummies...... soft and chewy? But I, the Boss of Japanese Snacks Republic, prefer them to be somewhat firm with a good bite.
Hello everyone~! Speaking of gummy texture...... I recently like gummies with a juicy, squishy texture like fresh fruits! Soft textures are my current craze! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Yes, for gummies, texture is, in a way, more of a defining characteristic than flavor! Today, I want to introduce three newly launched gummies that are gaining attention for their “slightly different!” textures.

【Gummy × Texture!?】 Unique texture is the talk of the town!? Introducing three gummies with unusual chewiness, delicious but with too much character, currently attracting attention in Japan!

?......So, you mean we're going to introduce three gummies recently launched in Japan that are being talked about for their texture?
Exactly. The flavor is, of course, delicious, but above all, it's the texture when eating them that's different from other gummies! That's what's becoming a topic of conversation.

The powder on the outside provides a crunchy, hard texture when chewed! With bifidobacteria for health benefits! Bourbon Shari-Moni Gummy - Yogurt Flavor


Strong elasticity, large pieces! This chewy texture is unique to this gummy! The inclusion of two flavors is also highly rated! Tough Gummy - Kiwifruit – Kabaya


It's like the pure white snow seen in a dream that day. The overly fluffy texture is the talk of the town! Kanro The Snow Gummy of My Dreams That Day - Pale Snow Soda

Ah~! I like the Shari-Moni Gummy! It's a gummy, but the texture is hard! It has lots of crunchy pieces on the surface, and the gummy itself is thin and squishy underneath, so you get to enjoy the crunchy texture before getting to the gummy, making it feel like you're eating something crunchy while eating a gummy!...... It's such a strange sensation. Anyway, it's a new texture! But it's delicious!
I think the Tough Gummy is also incredibly chewy and delicious...... but right now in Japan, this The Snow Gummy of My Dreams That Day is generating a lot of buzz.
Then let's try one right away......
......What is this......?
The chewed texture is more glutinous than it looks! But the appearance is so fluffy...... airy! Just like the product name, it's really like snow!
Yes, it's glutinous when chewed, but it feels fluffy the moment you put it in your mouth. It looks cute and is photogenic, and it's delicious, so it's a new gummy that many people are paying attention to right now~!

If you're comparing, why not try grape-flavored gummies as well? Grape-flavored gummies have the most appropriate moisture content, making them perfect for comparing flavors!

If you focus solely on texture to compare them, grape-flavored gummies are perfect since they're available from various manufacturers!...... But why are grape-flavored gummies released more than other flavors?
Actually, grape-flavored gummies are easy to make. The moisture content of grapes makes it easy to adjust to a chewable texture when making gummies, and the purple color is easy to produce and identify, so when a concept for such a shape of gummy is completed, grape flavor is usually tried first.
Wow! So, comparing grape-flavored gummies means you're comparing the concept of the gummies! If you're interested in understanding the concept of those gummies, why not try comparing the grape flavors?

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