【Spicy × Cup Rice!】 The Delicious “Spiciness” of Korean Bibimbap and Yukgaejang Transformed into Cup Rice! Two New Varieties in the Nissin "Homura Meshi" Series!

Hello, everyone. Bibimbap and Yukgaejang are...... slightly spicy but delicious Korean dishes, aren't they? Great for warming up...... Ah, but I also ate them during the hot summer! They're delicious~! I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Hello everyone~! I tend to shy away from spicy dishes and condiments...... I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic, and I'm not a big fan of spicy food.
That's right. But, speaking of which, recently...... there seems to be a new cup rice that's a bit spicy but not too much, offering a deliciously healthy level of spiciness!

【Spicy × Cup Rice!】 The delicious “spiciness” of Korean Bibimbap and Yukgaejang transformed into cup rice! Just add hot water to eat! Two new varieties in the Nissin Homura Meshi series are here!

Just add hot water! Two new varieties, Bibimbap and Yukgaejang, flavored with delicious and spicy condiments and ingredients, are now available in the Nissin Homura Meshi series!

Ugh~ Looks spicy!
It's not that intensely spicy. It might look a bit red, indeed, but it's made to be deliciously spicy, so I'd like you to try it too, Saori!

Stone-grilled style! Carefully topped with Gochujang that balances sweetness and spiciness deliciously! Homura Meshi Kimchi Bibimbap Sweet & Spicy Gochujang


Slightly spicy! A deliciously spicy mix of Gochujang, beef, and chili peppers! Nissin Foods Homura Meshi Delicious Spicy Yukgaejang

Ah! I can eat the Bibimbap one! Delicious~~ A bit spicy, though.
The Bibimbap is slightly milder in spiciness, and the Yukgaejang is a bit spicier because it contains chili peppers. So, I think you'd enjoy the Bibimbap, Saori!
Indeed! Delicious~! I usually have the spicy ingredients removed without tasting when I eat Bibimbap, but with rice, the spiciness is somewhat mitigated! Maybe next time, I could eat it with the spicy ingredients and still enjoy it......
Of course, the secret to its popularity is that it's easy to make just by adding hot water! If you like spicy food, please do try these two new flavors of Homura Meshi!
Homura Meshi

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