【Instant Ramen】 The Moment You Eat it, Your Brain and Taste Buds will Tremble with Deliciousness! ZUBAAAN Series New Flavors!

Hello, everyone. I love richly flavored ramen. I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello, everyone. Richly flavored ramen is the best. It might be the happiest moment of life......! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Actually, for all of you who can't get enough of richly flavored ramen...... I want to introduce an incredibly delicious instant ramen! Rich in flavor! And delicious! It's the best ramen!!

【Instant Ramen】 The moment you eat it, your brain and taste buds will tremble with deliciousness! The rich flavor is super tasty! New flavors are continuously arriving in the ZUBAAAN series!

What is ZUBAAAN?

ZUBAAAN is the ultimate instant ramen series for all of you who adore richly flavored ramen.
Released by Touyou Suisan, new flavors are added regularly.
The features include the pursuit of extreme “richness in taste, flavor, and satisfying texture,” replicating the deliciousness one can experience in a restaurant.”
Aimed to create a “memorable ramen” with noodles made using new technology and an unprecedented soup that is richer in seasoning.”
Despite being dried noodles, they pursue a chewy texture that could be mistaken for matured noodles. The slightly thick noodles intertwine with a richly flavored soup, offering a satisfying experience that makes you want to drink every last drop of the soup.
I want to eat it.
You should eat it. Moreover, there are four types of flavors available, all of which seem to be the kind you'd like.
Wowwwww!! That looks delicious!! Oh...... delicious...... The pictures on the package are cheating, aren't they? Just that alone conveys how tasty it is! I want to eat it with lots of boiled cabbage soaked in the soup— I want to eat it!

●The currently released ZUBAAAN series consists of these four types!

Soy Sauce & Pork Back Fat
Rich Miso
Garlic Soy Sauce
Yokohama Iekei
I personally recommend the yellow Garlic Soy Sauce! It's very delicious, so I urge everyone to try it!

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