【Toyama Black】 Why is it Black!? Why is it Delicious!? Do You Know About Japan's Mysterious and Tasty Ramen, Toyama Black?

Hello everyone. Do you know about the 'black ramen'? I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
'Black ramen'......? An urban legend? A mystery? ......Just kidding! Haha! Unfortunately for you, I, a ramen lover, know all about the 'black ramen'! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Darn. Well, it's delicious and famous, and I've received it as a gift quite a few times. So, for this occasion! We're introducing a tasty ramen with a visually stunning impact from a certain region in Japan!

【Toyama Black】 Why is it black!? Why is it delicious!? Do you know about Japan's mysterious and tasty ramen, Toyama Black?

What is Toyama Black?

Toyama Black is a local ramen originating from Toyama Prefecture in Japan.
Toyama Prefecture is located towards the northern part of Japan and is characterized by its relatively cold climate.
To get straight to the point, the black soup is a “rich soy sauce flavored” soup. Toyama Black originated from a particular food stall that offered a ramen with an especially concentrated soy sauce to replenish the salt for physical laborers and coal miners.
Since then, the number of shops offering black ramen in Toyama Prefecture has been increasing, making it a beloved local ramen.
This rich soy sauce-flavored soup is so delicious!!
Are you actually finishing off the soup......?
I don't drink it to the last drop, but I do enjoy it tastefully.
No! The soup is indeed a bit too rich, so even the locals in Toyama, where it originated, eat it with white rice. The rice soaked in this soup is exceptionally delicious...... You should definitely try it too. It's truly the best combination.
That's good to know! I'll buy some delicious-looking cup noodles from this Toyama Black lineup and try it with white rice right away!
I recommend adding a generous amount of green onions to make it even tastier! Everyone, please do try Toyama Black!
Toyama Black

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