【Ninja】 The Portable Sustenance for Modern-Day Ninjas!? What is the Hard Gummy, Ninja Meshi?

Hello everyone. We Japanese might be the descendants of ninjas. I have a feeling that's the case, this is Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Hello everyone, Boss is saying something strange again. But I can't help thinking that he might not be wrong, this is Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic.
So! With that being said, today I want to introduce a popular Japanese hard gummy made for ninjas, which is surely eaten by...... possibly living descendants of ninjas!

【Ninja】 The Portable Sustenance for Modern-Day Ninjas!? What is the Hard Gummy, Ninja Meshi?


What is Ninja Meshi?

Ninja Meshi is a popular hard gummy series released by UHA Mikakuto.
“Ninjas, once on a mission, may go without food or drink, hence the need for an emergency food known as 'Ninja Meshi.' We, who are chased by stress and time daily, are modern ninjas. The modern version of ninja food, 'Ninja Meshi,' is a hard-textured gummy that locks in the deliciousness of its ingredients. Chew to your heart's content and satisfy your hunger!”
As officially presented, Ninja Meshi is characterized by its firmness, and chewing it brings a sense of satisfaction, allowing even a small amount to satisfy one's hunger, making it a hard gummy.
Developed with the concept of being chewed multiple times, the taste has a chewy texture with rich umami and depth. While there are few standard varieties, Ninja Meshi regularly collaborates with anime and game characters, allowing the enjoyment of limited-edition flavors.
Indeed, it's a hard gummy with a concept as if ninjas carry it around and cherish it as portable food. Of course, it's delicious. And the real charm is the hardness, which I sometimes eat secretly without telling Boss.
What a thing to say. Don't keep it a secret, give me one next time.
That's fine! It comes with a zipper, making it easy to preserve, carry, and share! Please try this Ninja Meshi and spare a thought for the modern-day ninjas of Japan, surviving through today!
Ninja Meshi

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