【KitKat】Sweet and Bittersweet, Three Sophisticated New Flavors are Here! You'll Crave them as Winter Approaches!

Hello everyone. I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic, and I'm a bit excited as Japan transitions from Halloween decorations to Christmas decorations, creating a quiet but cheerful atmosphere.
Hello everyone~! I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic, and I'm getting excited as well, seeing the changes in the sweets lined up in convenience stores! It's the season when warm things taste delicious, and that makes a difference in the snacks we find tasty!
So without further ado! That famous snack series has released new flavors for the winter! Let's check them out right away!

【KitKat】Sweet and bittersweet, three sophisticated new flavors are here! You'll crave them as winter approaches!

Oh! New KitKats!! They look delicious! There's a lot of rich-flavored chocolates that make you want to eat them with a warm drink. These look yummy!!

Kit Kat Mini Chocolates - Fiantine White Chocolate


Kit Kat Mini Chocolates - Strong Matcha Green Tea


KitKat Chocolates - Milk Tea

The milk tea flavor, with its blend of tea and chocolate, is incredibly tasty. Personally, I think this milk tea flavor is the best! The flavor of the tea is just delicious!
Certainly. But I think white chocolate is delicious too~!! White chocolate is a flavor particularly released during the Japanese winter, and eating it makes you feel like 'Ah, winter has arrived.' That's why I like it.
Which flavor of these three KitKats would you like to try? Be sure to check out the delicious Japanese foods that change their lineup as winter approaches!

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