【Cheese & Cod】Mild Cheese and Delicate Fish Umami. One of the BEST Nibbles for Drinks in Japan! Tried Cheese & Cod!

So, today! We’ll be sharing with you one of the Best Cheese Nibbles for Drinks in Japan!! I often eat it too! Here we go......!

【Cheese & Cod】
Mild Cheese and Delicate Fish Umami.
One of the BEST Nibbles for Drinks in Japan!
Tried Cheese & Cod!

Although our site is Japanese Snacks Republic, we haven’t shared many ‘snacks’, huh......?
Oh, well...... we do have tons of other delicious food that I want to share with everybody. Our customers cannot buy anything unless they know what the food is like, right? And especially for this Cheese & Cod, I want everybody to give it a try!
That’s right. Unlike the snacks in general such as chocolate, I bet many people have no idea what things like this are...... Well, please explain about Cheese & Cod!

What Is Cheese & Cod?

Cheese & Cod (チータラ / Cheetara) was first developed by NATORI CO., LTD. This creamy cheese is encased in a thin layer of minced fish, and it has been loved by Japanese people for nibbles for drinks.
It was first developed and sold around 1980 with a theme, “the Japanese-Western Nibbles with Cheese.” At first, they tried using squid instead of cod, however, they ended up giving up because they couldn’t make it as they had expected. After trials and errors, they finally developed the perfect rich and fish-flavored nibbles for drinks, Cheese & Cod, which we can never taste from other products.
Wow~! The them is Japanese & Western, huh?
Honestly, I don’t think everybody would like this taste but those who like cheese and fish, this is it!
Speaking of Cheese & Cod, not only that it is tasty but it is also easy to eat. Our fingers never get sticky. On top of that, the cheese inside would never get melted either, even in the room temperature. Oh, one more thing! It’s also good if we microwave it and eat too!
  • Place a cooking sheet and line up Cheese & Cod with 1 cm apart next to each other.
  • Microwave it in 1 and a half minutes (500w), or a minute (600w).
  • After they cool down, take them from the cooking sheets and it’s done!
    • Please make sure that you don’t heat up more than 10 pieces at a time for your safety!
So! I actually had Saori try this!
Yeah~! It’s your treat, huh? Let me try it!
── Now Eating ──
What do you think?
...... Well, it’s okay.
Don’t use the word ‘okay’ here!
Well, actually, I don’t like the fish-flavors but somehow I can eat Cheese & Cod without hesitation...... How should I express? I would say I taste 90% of cheese first and then 10% of fish flavor...... I taste rich flavor of cheese first, and then I taste a mild flavor of fish. That’s why I can eat it. I’ll get another piece, actually.
Yep. Cheese & Cod is not tasty in a sense but the good thing about it is that it can be a really good nibble for drinks. While enjoying the strong taste of cheese, we can also enjoy a refreshing aftertaste! It’s best with wine but to me, I would go with beer!

What Does heese & Cod Taste?

  • Cheese 90% and Cod 10%! Try Nibbles and Drinks and Enjoy Delicate Fish Flavored Aftertaste!
  • Basically Cheese Flavor! You’ll get addicted to it with a Refreshing Aftertaste of Fish!
  • Try a Varity of Cheese! Try it with Beer!
Cheese lovers! This is it!
Since it has stronger taste of cheese, even I, who don’t do any fish, could eat it! It’s a cheese snack with a light flavor of fish~!
For those who want to try a different type of cheese snack, this is it! It’s good with wine or even with sake that brings a good flavor of fish!
Cheese & Cod
Alright now! This is all for today! We’ll see you all in the next article~!
Bye now~!!

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