【Autumn's Premium】With a Rich Jelly Filling! Sour and Delicious, the Flavor of Autumn! Pure Gummy New Flavor "Shine Muscat Sparkling"

Hello everyone. Speaking of muscat...... it's autumn! I'm Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Eh!? Muscat is associated with autumn!? Well, now that you mention it, it does feel like autumn. I'm Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic, and I love muscat.
Exactly! I heard that a delicious muscat-flavored gummy has recently been released in Japan. Autumn is the season for muscat, after all! Let's check it out right away!

【Autumn's Premium】With a rich jelly filling! Sour and delicious, the flavor of autumn! The talked-about Pure Gummy Premium - Shine Muscat Sparkling is delicious!

Pure Gummy is delicious! Sweet and sour! Cute! It's a gummy that's extremely popular among Japanese people, and now it has a limited-time flavor!

So the muscat-flavored snack I'm going to introduce today is Pure Gummy Premium - Shine Muscat Sparkling!
Pure Gummy Premium...... What's the difference between this and regular Pure Gummy?
In a nutshell, the inside of the gummy is different. Pure Gummy Premium has a special, rich fruit jelly inside. When you eat it with the sour powder on the outside, it's incredibly delicious—a truly premium fruit gummy!
Your explanation turned into an opinion halfway through! But it's clear, this is different from regular Pure Gummy because it has a rich fruit jelly inside, right?
Exactly. As the name implies, Pure Gummy Premium is more luxurious than Pure Gummy, so they rarely release limited-time flavors. But finally, they have a limited-time flavor, and it's a refreshing taste perfect for autumn!
Pure Gummy has been amazing lately. Not only are they delicious, but they've been getting a lot of attention in Japan for their cuteness as well. They've been releasing collaboration products rapidly. Everyone, please check out the new delicious and cute Pure Gummy Premium flavor!
Kanro Pure Gummy Premium - Shine Muscat Sparkling

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