Top 5 Japanese Green Tea

Tea. It's a delicious drink that was once brought over from overseas and is now beloved in Japan. As it's getting colder recently, it's also becoming the season where tea is more comfortable to drink. This time, as a Japanese person, I will casually pick up and introduce some delicious teas that I find easy to drink.

Itoen Oi Ocha Matcha Blended Japanese Green Tea
When people say Japanese green tea, don't you first think of Itoen Oi Ocha? I know I do.
This tea pack, which is made from the delicious green tea of Itoen Oi Ocha, is really tasty! It's designed to be delicious even when made with a small amount of hot water in a mug, so it's perfect not only for work but also as an after-meal drink. Highly recommended!

Kunitaro Ichiban-zumi Genmaicha (Brown Rice Tea) - Matcha Blend
I love Genmaicha because it has various complex flavors compared to green tea, giving it a rich depth. It makes me feel like, 'Ahh! I'm drinking tea!' I like green tea as well, so this is a tea I choose based on my mood!
Genmaicha refers to tea made by blending roughly equal amounts of roasted brown rice with bancha or sencha. It has a lot more complex flavors compared to green tea, making it very rich in taste. I recommend this easy-to-enjoy tea bag assortment. It's also GOOD that you can enjoy it with water!

Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) - Tea Bag - Ocha no Maruko
I also love Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea)! Like green tea, it's easy to drink and doesn't have complex flavors, but the aroma is especially good! I mainly drink it while working or when I want to relax!
Hojicha is a type of tea that's best enjoyed with hot water, so I choose a tea bag that gets delicious when you pour hot water over it! The taste is richer and deeper compared to green tea, so it's also recommended for after meals!

Soba Tea
As the name suggests, Soba Tea is a drink made from the grains of soba, a type of noodle that is loved in Japan.
Originally, soba is eaten as a food, so it has a somewhat complex taste. However, just like soba is good for your health, soba tea also contains a lot of healthy components! Another good point is that soba tea is basically caffeine-free!

Ume Konbu Tea
This Ume Konbu Tea (powder type) is full of the flavors of pickled plum and kelp! The unique saltiness of the plum makes this tea delicious!
Pickled plum and kelp are not only a delicious combination as a flavor for sweets but also as a tea! Since it's in powder form, it can also be used for seasoning in cooking! Although it's not clear when this became a cultural thing in Japan, it's also somehow famous as a drink to have while playing Mahjong!
Japanese Green Tea

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