Top 5 Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)

When it comes to 'Wagashi,' I personally think of them as 'sweets unique to Japan'.
They might use red bean paste or even have a wasabi flavor.
However, according to the dictionary, 'Wagashi is a general term for traditional Japanese sweets.' So, I'd like to recommend five Japanese-like sweets that I find delicious this time!

Shio Daifuku by Hakata no Shio
In the Daifuku category, I personally find this Shio Daifuku by Hakata no Shio to be the most delicious and the easiest to eat!
Daifuku is a type of Wagashi where red bean paste is wrapped in mochi. The sweetness of the bean paste, its softness, and the slight saltiness of the exterior all harmonize perfectly. It's incredibly delicious! If you've never tried Daifuku before and are curious, this is definitely the one to go for! It's so good!!

Seika Kuri to Momiji Castella Assort - Chestnut & Azuki
This is really delicious (sorry, I'm at a loss for words)!
The package contains two versions of buns: one with simple red bean paste and another with red bean paste mixed with chestnuts. Both are sweet buns but have different flavors; the sweetness of the red beans and the sweetness of the chestnuts. It's a luxurious pack where you can enjoy the differences in flavors! Recommended for anyone who wants to eat buns!

Mini Taiyaki with Azuki Sweet Red Beans Paste
When it comes to iconic Japanese sweets, Taiyaki is a must-mention! For those who want to enjoy delicious Taiyaki, I highly recommend Mini Taiyaki with Azuki Sweet Red Beans Paste!
The size is slightly smaller than usual, making it easier to eat, but it's packed full of red bean paste on the inside! Not only is it delicious, but it's also very shareable, which I think adds to its charm. That's why I'd like to recommend this Mini Taiyaki with Azuki Sweet Red Beans Paste!

Kawachi Surugaya Warabi Mochi - Kinako Sweet Soybean Powder
Warabi Mochi is a well-known and popular Japanese sweet, made from the starch extracted from the root of the bracken plant. It generally doesn't have a flavor of its own and is commonly eaten with kinako (soybean powder) or black syrup!
This Kawachi Surugaya Warabi Mochi comes with kinako for flavoring, so if you buy this, you can experience the standard Warabi Mochi that is eaten in Japan! Also, it's super high-end with only one piece included, so it's for those who prioritize flavor! I highly recommend it for those who want to try authentic Warabi Mochi! (Note: The photo below gives you an idea of how delicious it looks when eaten this way!)

Seika Superfine Kokuto Brown Sugar Karinto
Speaking of Japanese sweets, I also want to introduce Karinto! Karinto is a sweet made by mixing wheat flour with syrup, kneading it, drying it, frying it in oil, and then coating it with sugar. It offers a different texture compared to rice crackers, and you can really feel the sweetness of the sugar!
This time, among the many types of Karinto, I've picked up the ones made with particularly standard brown sugar! This embodies the perfect texture and taste of Karinto! If you don't know what Karinto is and want to try it, then I highly recommend this Seika Superfine Kokuto Brown Sugar Karinto. It's delicious!
Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)

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