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Candy. It's delicious, isn't it? Generally sweet and gradually melting in your mouth—each has its own unique characteristics. In Japan, fruit-flavored candies are the standard. But what are my recommendations? By Saori

Even though sweet candies are the standard, the first one I'm introducing is a throat lozenge.
However, this Ryukakusan has an incredible reputation in Japan. When people think of throat lozenges, Ryukakusan is the first name that comes to mind. It's highly effective, and almost everyone in voice-related professions in Japan carries it. The taste is delicious! The best way to describe it would be a 'healthful-tasting' flavor. If you want to try a famous Japanese candy, you must give this one a go!

Morinaga Seika Milk Caramel
Since the first one was a throat lozenge, for the second, I want to introduce a classic sweet candy!
When people in Japan think of delicious sweet candies, many probably think of this Milk Caramel. It has a rich milk flavor, and its long history has made it a beloved long-selling candy (caramel)!

Tatakau Manuka Honey Herbal Cough Drop
So, the third one is also a throat lozenge, but unlike the Ryukakusan I introduced first, this one is sweet and has quite high efficacy!
Many honey lozenges leave a lingering aftertaste, but this Tatakau Manuka Honey is made with high-quality and delicious honey while avoiding an overpowering sweetness, making it easy to eat. It's recommended when your throat hurts and you want something sweet!

Pokémon Candy Bottle - Pikachu
Yes, it's a cute candy.
No, the taste is definitely delicious as well! But when the candy comes with such a cute bottle, I just have to introduce it! You can even use the bottle as a small container after you're done eating. There are plenty of delicious candies in the world, but very few come in such cute packaging. Please check this one out too!

Koume Soft Candy - Ume Japanese Apricot
Let me introduce Koume in this candy category as well, just like I did in the recommended plum-flavored snacks! That's how delicious and recommended it is!
The outer layer is coated with plum powder and the inside is a slightly soft plum paste! This is delicious...... It offers two different flavors of plum, and above all, it's tasty and Japanese-style. It's really delicious! Personally, when I buy candy, I go for this sweet and sour Koume. If you haven't tried it yet, please do!

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