【Konpeito】Simple & traditional sugar confectionery! Everyone loves Konpeito! A perfect Japanese souvenir!

Hi everyone! It’s Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic!!
Hi there! It’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!!

Simple & traditional sugar confectionery!
Everyone loves Konpeito!
A perfect Japanese souvenir!

What is Konpeito?

Konpeito is Japanese sugar candy. It is made of sugar and flavored water (syrup) and it has a bumpy surface. It is said it came to Japan from abroad when countries started trading around 1540, The name, Konpeito, was originally from “confeito” in Portuguese.
By the way, Saori, how long do you think it takes to make konpeito?
Well...... it is a very small sugar candy made of very simple ingredients – just sugar and water, so I guess it takes about 3 hours? Just mixing the ingredients and put it in the fridge?
Wrong!! It takes about two weeks to make Konpeito!
WHaaaat? Twooooo weeeeeeks?????

Konpeito recipe (Very simple way)

  • Put granular sugar in water and mix.
  • Put coarse sugar in a large pot. Heat the pot on the stove and tilt the pot. Add syrup you made in the pot until the coarse sugar becomes bigger in size.
  • Repeat until the surface looks bumpy.
I did not know!! If it takes two weeks to make Konpeito, can we experience making Konpeito anywhere in Japan?
It seems there are Konpeito museums in the Western part of Japan. If you want to make Konpeito, you can experience coloring konpeito there. You can bring the konpeito you color as a souvenir! For more details, please check their website!

Taste of Konpeito!

  • Very simple sugar taste!
  • Colorful and pretty to look at – so they are served with tea or often used for a gift and an accent for dishes.
Konpeito is made of sugar and water, so it has a very simple taste. I can’t say it is very delicious, but the colorful and cute visual aspects and simple taste are perfect for decorating other food such as desserts or tea.
In Japan, putting Konpeito on top of yogurt to make it sweet and cute was buzzed about on social media in the past.
Additionally, topping Konpeito on drinks like liquor and soda or ice cream will be great! The actual taste is very simple so it does not bother other tastes when used as a topping.
Konpeito is very versatile! You can eat it just like candy, but use them for topping on something! Konpeito makes your daily ordinary food look cute and colorful!
Okay, that is all for today! I will see you in the next article!!
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