【Liquor ×Chocolate】Winter season only!Hot new item, Apple & Tea divinity wrapped in chocolate and brandy deliciousness! Upgrade your winter drinks with these classy sweets!

※The sweets we’re introducing today contains (very low % content level) alcohol. Please enjoy upon understanding that it has alcohol!
Konnichiwa everyone. It’s Boss, a huge chocolate fan, from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Konnichiwa everyone~ I also totally love chocolate! Especially milk chocolate, it’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
Yes! I love chocolate and...... I love alcohol just as much! Among everything, I’m a big fan of sweets-series called Rummy & Bacchus that combines liquor and chocolate!
Ooh! Then you would find today’s snack very interesting! There are new limited-edition flavors to the alcohol-and-chocolate-combining Rummy & Bacchus, available only for the winter!
Today we’re going to introduce 2 different snacks both at once~!

【Liquor ×Chocolate】Winter season only!Apple & Black Tea flavors wrapped in chocolate and brandy, a hot new item! Enjoy winter-season drinking even more with this classy snack!

What is Tea Royale & Apple Brandy?

Tea Royale & Apple Brandy are “chocolate sweets that combine liquor and chocolate” and are created by LOTTE Co., Ltd.
The inside is filled with alcohol liquor or/and various fruits. Its theme is “chocolate to flutter grown-ups’ hearts.” In the past, there has been Rummy with rum raison and Bacchus with cognac, but recently there’s been 2 new flavors added to the series!

Check these out too, also super popular among grownups in Japan!
Previously feature on the liquor-containing chocolate Rummy & Bacchus can be checked out from here!

【Liquor x Chocolate】THE Liquor Chocolate of Japan! Popular for Grown-Ups! Featuring the Winter New Rummy & Bacchus Bonbon Chocolate!
Rummy & Bacchus is so delicious~! Because there’s liquor inside of the chocolate, it’s good to accompany a glass of alcohol, and it’s good on its own too because it’s still really satisfying.
So apparently, the creator of this Rummy & Bacchus...... LOTTE Co., Ltd. has new flavor creations~!!! We must try these two new flavors!

The taste of Tea Royale Bonbon chocolate!

  • Richly fragrant tea liquor mixed with brandy, then enveloped with gentle milk chocolate. A limited chocolate snack of the season!
  • When put in the mouth, you can feel the flavor of Darjeeling even before biting! When bitten, the modest yet refreshing-black-tea-flavor extract oozes out!
  • Perfect compatibility with the outer shell milk chocolate! The flavor itself isn’t very strong, but you can luxuriously enjoy both the classy black tea and the mellow chocolate! Seriously delicious!
  • Alcohol content is 2.6%. Rummy & Bacchus are 3.2% and 3.7% respectively, so there isn’t highly strong alcohol inside, so there’s no concern of sickness! There are multiple small pieces of chocolate inside, so it can be enjoyed in several portions!

The taste of Apple Brandy Bonbon chocolate!

  • Small cube-shape chopped apple soaked in apple brandy and chocolate ganache soaked in liquor are fused in this taste-worthy liquor chocolate!
  • The apple flavor and the liquor extract flavor is rather strong! It’s also delicious for the changing texture thanks to the cube-shaped apples inside! Overall, it’s thicker compared to Tea Royale Bonbon Chocolate, and it’s an item that strives for a satisfying eating experience!
  • If you are craving for a stronger alcohol flavor! Go for this Apple Brandy Bonbon Chocolate more so than Tea Royale Bonbon Chocolate! It gives you the sense of warm alcohol sensation while at the same time the apple’s freshness makes it easy to eat!
  • This one’s alcohol content is 2.8%. It’s closer to 3% but because it has a refreshing apple aftertaste, the alcohol strength isn’t so forthcoming. The 3 chunks of chocolates are individually wrapped, so it’s easy to store and to eat!

Wow~~~~~~~~~ This is so great! Delicious! It’s totally delicious in a completely different way than Rummy & Bacchus!
I agree! With Rummy & Bacchus, the alcohol strength was the first thing I felt, but this time, this Tea Royale and Apple Brandy has slightly lower alcohol content and has flavors that really goes for ‘elegance’!
That’s true. It’s like the aftertaste really stands out. Rummy & Bacchus’s alcohol taste was pretty strong, so I was selective about what alcohol to drink with, but Tea Royale and Apple Brandy seem to go well with all sorts of alcohol! Personally I might like Apple Brandy more! It’s so delish and I can eat so much of it!
I prefer Tea Royale more! Now I know how yummy it is when black tea is combined with liquor~ I had it for the first time, so I’m totally shocked by its deliciousness!
Those of you reading this article, which chocolate would you want to try? They were both pretty delightful when I tried them, so please go ahead and buy them both!
LOTTE Tea Royale Bonbon chocolate
LOTTE Apple Brandy Bonbon chocolate
Alrighty, that’s about it for now! Let’s meet at the next article!
See you~!!

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