【Instant Ramen】Cold Winter’s Best Partner! Easy to make, but SO Good! Try the soy sauce flavored instant ramen, Charumera, representing Japan!

Konnichiwa everyone. It’s COLD.
This is Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Is that the best thing you can say?
Konnichiwa everyone, but I’m actually kinda cold too, it’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic. November in Japan was a little bit warmer than last year, but the real winter has officially arrived~!
For a cold day, of course we want warm food! ......but it’s so cold, so we want something quick!
Today, we’ll feature a wonderful food that solves such dilemma of the Japanese people!
(You mean Boss’s dilemma, and not Japanese people’s dilemma......?)

【Instant Ramen】
Best Partner for a Cold Winter! Easy to make, but so Good!
Try the Soy sauce flavored instant ramen, Charumera that represents Japan!

And so today, this. is. THE instant ramen! Easy to make! But is delish! We are featuring Charumera!

What is Charumera?

Charumera is an instant ramen released by Myojo Foods Co., Ltd. The have cup-noodles too, but the dry noodle bag format is more common. Charumera has been sold since 1966 and has been loved for more than 50 years. It is a classic instant ramen.
The most famous one is soy sauce flavor. The secret to its deliciousness is “scallop.” Scallop stock is embedded into the noodle, adding to the unity with the soup.
The soup is a rich flavor where vegetable and soy sauce are combined with the umami from scallop and beef. As a bonus, it comes with a secret-recipe spice mini-packet where pepper and scallop umami adds to the scent and depth of the flavor.
I would say that the soup’s flavor is basically ‘highly perfected soy sauce flavor.’ It’s really well put together, and it holds up well even if I add vegetable, meat, seafood, eggs and such. It doesn’t have a strong edge, and the after taste is clean. That’s why it’s easy to eat and is delicious. It’s basically “the king” of soy-sauce-flavored instant ramens!

How to make instant ramen, Charumera!

  1. Boil water (Will add soup powder later, so be careful not to use too much water so the soup won’t get thin!)
  2. When water is boiled, add dry noodle
  3. boil for 3 minutes
  4. After the noodle is boiled, add soup powder, and voila!
All done! That was so quick!
Yesss~! There’s no topping, so it makes it that much fun to arrange the recipe too! I like to complete the recipe by adding chicken, green onion, and bamboo shoots when I’m boiling the ramen!
The recipe I saw on the official website the other day, to add a poached egg on top, was delicious too.
That sounds so yummy~!!!! Yaa I also add an egg! It goes so well with the soy-sauce-based soup, right~!

Random question: Compared to another instant ramen, Chicken Ramen, which is yummier?

Charumera is an extremely standard soy sauce flavor, no edges, so easy to eat!
Chicken Ramen has a strong chicken stock flavor, so more unique than Charumera!
That’s a pretty tough question. They are different flavors, so they’re delicious for different reasons.
I personally think the difference in the soup flavors matters!
If you are looking for a standard soy-sauce-base so you can arrange it with various toppings, Charumera is definitely the way to go! On the other hand, Chicken Ramen has a strong chicken-stock-base soup, so it’s recommended for people looking to enjoy its distinctive flavor!
Yupp. They’re pretty different in flavors, so I think the preferences would be a 50/50. Both instant ramens are delicious, so I hope people can eat it on a cold winter day and get warmer!
Alrighty, that’s about it for today! Let’s meet in the next article!
See you~!

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