【Gyoza Dumpling!?】New Cup Noodle Flavor Arrival! We tried the “Gyoza dumpling flavor” with the concept: “Gotta have with white rice!”

Konnichiwa everyone. I love gyoza dumplings, this is Boss from Japanese Snacks Republic.
Konnichiwa everyone! Well, today we have the perfect gift for Boss! It’s Saori from Japanese Snacks Republic!
A gift? What could it be! Woohoo!
Here, it’s this! New item! Gyoza dumpling flavor Cup Noodle!!
Gyo...... Gyoza flavored Cup Noodle!!!??

【Gyoza Dumpling!?】New Cup Noodle Flavor Arrival!
We tried the “Gyoza dumpling flavor” with the concept: “Gotta have with white rice!”

Ah, it’s not that there’s gyoza dumplings inside.
No gyoza inside. It’s a gyoza ‘flavor’ concept Cup Noodle!

What kind of food is gyoza again?

Dumplings are originally from China. Filling of meat, shrimp, and vegetables are wrapped with a flour-based skin, then is cooked by boiling, stir-frying, or frying.
Because the flavor can easily vary by changing the vegetable inside or the way it’s cooked, it’s one of Japan’s most favorite foods. In Japanese ramen restaurants, a combination set with ramen, fried rice, and gyoza is a popular item on the menu!
Cold beer with hot gyoza is just the best. I LOVE gyoza dumplings♡

The taste of Cup Noodle - Juicy Garlic Dumpling!

  • Delicious soup! The special ‘gyoza-like meat juice soup’ with fortified flavors of garlic and leek is just so good! Soup is quite thick and for sure makes you want to eat it with white rice! Absolutely yummy!
  • It’s even more delicious if you add the accompanying “gyoza sauce soup packet”! The dumpling condiment made of soy sauce & vinegar & chili oil adds to the soup and changes flavor! The vinegar and chili oil’s tanginess increases your appetite, so I personally recommend “adding the packet half way to enjoy the flavor change”!
  • A concept with precision, and it’s so well replicated! A close to perfection new creation from Cup Noodle! If I were to comment on any flaws, the portion is big, so even though I want to eat it with white rice, that’d be too much food. But the remaining soup and write rice goes so well together, so definitely a good flavor to go with rice! This is one good item recommended for people who like dumplings, and people who want to drink rich delicious soup! Bravo!!
Ah~~~. This soup is so good. So yummy. I want rice!!!
Pretty large portion! But because the attached gyoza soup packet changes flavor, I’m able to enjoy it deliciously until the very end!
For me, the package soup wasn’t enough, so I added my own additional vinegar and chili oil. The soup’s tastiness is the best part~! The flavor is intense and so delish! They did such a good job expressing the dumpling concept!
It’s true, I think this is a food with really good concept and finish! I think they took very seriously what would make this more delicious, and what kind of flavoring would best demonstrate the concept? For gyoza dumpling lovers of course, but also the people who want to fill their stomach! Please try it with a bowl of white rice!
Cup Noodle - Juicy Garlic Dumpling

These are the new items on Japanese convenience store shelves!

Seasonal Limited Edition Snacks
Okie dokie, that’s about it for today!
See you at the next article! Bye~!

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